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January 2013 blog

Orange beach towel clips & carton Orange beach towel clips & carton

Welcome to the news page for ‘the beach towel clip’

If you are new to the site ‘welcome’ and if you are a returning friend, then ‘welcome back!’

Last year was a record year for ‘the beach towel clip’ with new stockists in the beach accessory, travel accessory, lifestyle, gadget and travel products markets all over the world.

We managed to establish routes to market for ‘the beach towel clip’ across the Nordic states, North America, South America, Australasia, and Europe with excellent retailers and distributors.

Our network of stockists and distributors for ‘the beach towel clip’ is now very strong across the globe and we look forward to continued success in these regions.

How to keep a beach towel flat and stop a beach towel from blowing away does seem to be a concern for holiday makers (told you so!) and perhaps you are reading this article having done an internet search to find out how to keep your beach towel in place and stop your beach towel blowing away (isn’t the internet cleaver!)

We will be doing a lot more branded ‘beach towel clips’ for our customers who want to supply their clients and customers with branded and promotional goods.

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If you have any questions about ‘the beach towel clip’ or would like to be a stockist or distributor then please get in touch through our contact form.

Wishing you all the very best for 2013, HAPPY NEW YEAR!