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April News Blog

Staycation staycation staycation. It sounds more like a Channel 4 TV programme than a call to arms for the UK holiday makers to stay at home this summer and spend their beach holidays sat on a windy beach in the UK

With loads going on this summer in the UK with the Queens bash and the Olympics it looks like the UK will be the place to be this season.

For any tourists coming over please be advised our beaches are very very windy and you will need a set of beach towel clips so your beach towel or picnic blanket doesn’t get blown away down the beach. (that’s our opinion and not the tourist boards!!)

So April is well and truly here, trying to establish routes to market as usual for our 100%UK designed and manufactured beach travel accessory the beach towel clip.

Coming soon will be lots of exciting press coverage and features so keep your eyes peeled.

The beach towel clip is now also available for our customers in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal through our friends at Universal Leisure.

Please check out our where to buy pages of the website (which are filling up quickly)

We are always looking to speak to people regarding possible new business opportunities for our 100%UK made beach travel accessory so get in touch.

See you down the beach!