Monday, 13 January 2014 18:31

January 2014 BLOG

Happy new year everybody!

Yes its a bit late but its been a bit busy for the past week or so.

So what's in store for the beach towel clip in 2014?

well the must have beach accessory that stops your beach towel blowing away is once again appearing in European magazines and websites listed as a must have beach accessory (see twitter and facebook for details).

Several publications had the beach towel clips listed as a must have beach essential or travel must have and the amazing listing on the German Travelbook site had us listed as a beach/travel essential leading to huge increases in traffic from that region.

Of course January is always a rather slow month in the Northern hemisphere but our stockists in South America, South Africa and Australasia keep us very busy.

We are always looking for new travel accessory retailers and beach accessory stockists in the UK and overseas so please get in touch for details!