Wednesday, 29 January 2014 15:27


Millions of people enjoy beaches every day.

Taking a dip in the sea, surfing, wandering along the beach, playing in the sand, walking the dog, getting some exercise, meeting up with friends and sometimes if we are very lucky just basking in the sunshine on a beach towel!
We all need to do our bit to make sure that everybody can enjoy our beautiful beaches.
So look how far we have come!
We have some fantastic bathing waters here in the North West of England and should be extremely proud how the water quality has improved in the past 20 years.
In 1988 only 18% of our bathing waters met minimum standards but by 2012 we'd raised this to 82%
There are 5 major sources of pollution into our bathing waters
Pollution from sewage overflows after heavy rain.
Water draining from farms and farmland.
Animal and bird poo on or near bathing waters.
Heavy rain pushing pollution from populated areas into the seas/lakes.
Misconnected domestic sewage.

We are working hard to fix this, together we can make it happen!