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January 2013 news

Aqua blue beach towel clips Aqua blue beach towel clips

January seems to have started just as 2012 ended for ‘The Beach Towel Clip’ the must have UK made beach travel accessory.

With new stockists already for ‘The Beach Towel Clip’ and we are only in our first real week back!

The summers must have beach travel accessories got stockists all over the world now but it’s always good to get another UK travel accessory retailer onboard.

‘The Beach Towel Clip’ will this year once again be on the lookout for travel and beach accessory retailers and accessory stockists around the world who are interested in stocking the summers must have beach travel accessory so if the product is of interest then please get in touch.

We are very busy now with our customers in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and other warm spots as we sit her in the UK winter, see our where to buy in the world pages.

We will keep you up to date on all the news as it happens.