Thursday, 27 March 2014 10:08

March details for stockists

example of branded beach towel clips example of branded beach towel clips

March more news!
As March continues and the beach accessory retailers and travel accessory retailers in the UK and around the world start to stock up with our must have beach accessory the beach towel clip I thought it was worth a quick mention about new stockists.
We have numerous enquiries every day from retailers and distributors asking to stock our 100% British made beach accessory the beach towel clip so here are a few quick questions answered!
Is there a wholesale/retailer log-in? No, we are more than happy to speak to Buyers with regards to either retail or distributor terms so please get in touch through the contact page
Are there MOQ’s? We pack the sets of beach towel clips in sets of 4 and then into larger boxes of 100. The BDC boxes of 100 weigh 12.5kg and measure 600x400x300mm although we can split these boxes/mix the colours if required.
What colours are available? We currently sell aqua blue, orange and white beach towel clips although our UK factory can mould them in any single colour.
Can we have the clips branded? Of course we sell the beach towel clips branded with pvc high gloss stickers on the top surface to some retailers (see picture opposite) so get in touch for rates and details.
Is there a lead in time? With any ‘manufactured’ product there will be a lead in time should there be shortages of stock at our UK warehouse. Whilst we do carry several hundred assembled sets of clips at the warehouse we do ask that retailers consider that at busy time a lead in of 2/3 weeks is allowed to start moulding (the factory can produce approx 1200sets/week) and then an amount of time to mould and assemble etc (check at time of enquiry)
I hope this helps!! Get in touch for more details!!!