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wind proof & tractor proof !!  the beach towel clip in Ibiza wind proof & tractor proof !! the beach towel clip in Ibiza

FEBRUARY 2013 Blog


As January comes to an end with record enquiries for the beach towel clip its time to take a deep breath and get ready for February.

With stock flying out to our established retailers in France & South America along with repeat orders from some of our major UK distributors the beach towel clip looks like this year may be the year that everything falls into place!

The beach accessory and gadget stockists all over the UK are now carrying the must have beach essential and travel retailers around the world are getting in touch having heard of the beach towel clip on the internet through searches and social media (seems all the SEO work is doing its job)

The beach towel clip has once again been discussed positively by the UK media (watch this space) and it looks like this in turn has attracted record traffic through this site.


The beach towel clip can be purchased through our website shop page for £9.99/set plus postage and packaging (alternate stockists from around the world are listed)


We are always interested in discussing terms with new retailers so please get in touch.

With Buy British and British Brands once again being all over the UK press it’s a great time to get involved with a Great British Manufactured Brand


Thanks for supporting the beach towel clip