Thursday, 24 April 2014 13:30

April 2014 news

orange beach towel clips orange beach towel clips

Summer is nearly here!
How do we know? Because the beach towel clip website is getting very busy with beach lovers from all over the world hitting the site!
Our original beach towel clip that stops your beach towel from blowing away is getting some amazing comments on twitter at the moment..
@jdmdesigns utterley brilliant product,good luck!
This has to be the must have summer accessory,the beach towel clip from @jdmdesigns
Of course we all know how fantastic our must have British made beach accessory is!
The beach towel clip is appearing all over social media once again and its looks like another fantastic summer is on the cards!
Why not join the thousands of beach lovers around the world that have found us my asking ‘How do I stop my beach towel blowing away?’
The must have beach accessory that simply pushes into the sand seems to be the talk of the beach blogs at the moment with features around the world.
Its also great to see so many people signing up to our beach towel clip affiliate programme that earns them a commission based on sales of beach towel clips through links from their websites!
Always happy to speak to new stockists so please do not hesitate to get in touch.
See you down the beach very soon!!!