Tuesday, 10 June 2014 17:55


Not so much flaming June as soggy June!
As the summer hots up (OK warms up) the must have beach accessory ‘the beach towel clip’ once again appears across the internet and the written press.
The summers must have beach accessory that simply stops your beach towel blowing away by pushing into the sand is once again being stocked around the world with repeat orders from stockists and new retailers around the world.
How do I stop my beach towel blowing away seems to be a popular search engine question and thanks to some very hard SEO work we are popping up in peoples search engines!
It’s been a strange start to the month which started with a great day out as a guest at Buckingham Palace for the Queens Garden Party (honestly) a real honour and whilst I didn’t get to meet the Queen in person I did manage to sell her better half a set of our 100%British made beach towel clips!