Monday, 15 September 2014 07:51

September blog,back from Ibiza

September blog
As we enter the usually busy month of September it’s time to think about the summer of 2014.
It’s been a strange summer for the beach towel clip, with stockists all over the world and awards coming in over the period through social media.
Our outlets have included Manchester Airport Terminal 1 where Wizz Toys stocked the clips, breaking into a market we have been keen to get into.
Travel accessory and beach accessory shops around the world are now stocking our must have British made beach accessory so whilst it’s been hard work, we are getting there!
As we enter the next period we will of course now start concentrating on the southern hemisphere where we already have stockists in South America, South Africa & Australasia.
Of course if you are a retailer or distributor in these regions then please get in touch.
With beach lovers asking how to stop their beach towel blowing away why not get involved with our supply chain!
Thanks for all the continued support & see you down the beach very soon.
Having just got back from a beach holiday in Ibiza on a very sunny and breezy beach I know we were grateful for the beach towel clips!