Wednesday, 15 January 2014 10:21

January 2014 update

January Blog

Now that the Christmas period is well and truly over its time to start sorting out retailers and distributors for the beach towel clips for 2014.

Our network of beach accessory stores and travel accessory retailers around the world (27 countries and counting) have ensured that the beach towel clips are supplied to customers around the world.

Next regions will be Brazil and Argentina, strengthening & developing our beach towel clip routes to market and increasing supply of the must have beach essential in those regions!

How do I stops my beach towel blowing away and why does my beach towel keep blowing away are soon to be things of the past overheard on the worlds beaches!

Whilst we are always increasing our beach accessory and travel accessory retailers in the UK and overseas we also have the facility for non retailers to sign up to our affiliate program.

See website pages for further details!

Thanks for the support.