Friday, 15 August 2014 09:30


August blog

Well July was certainly an award winning month for the beach towel clip!
Back to earth (or the beach) and its safe to say that this year has been another very busy one for our must have British made beach accessory.
With new beach accessory and travel accessory retailers from all over the world starting to stock the must have beach essential it appears the news is getting through!
We have had numerous holiday snaps from satisfied customers from their holidays around the world showing our must have beach accessory stopping their towel blowing away.
How do I stop my towel from blowing away every time I go for a dip in the sea seems to be a question that not just this inventor had but also beach lovers all over the world!
We also now have a much quicker & easier shop page so you can buy our fabulous beach accessory with a few simple clicks!

See you down the beach very soon!