Sunday, 17 May 2015 14:53

May blog

Nearly time to hit the beach!
Every year we get blown away by the fantastic feedback/comments we get about our 100% British made beach accessory (unlike our beach towels that are firmly held in place!)
This June we will be reaching a fantastic milestone... we will be 5 YEARS OLD!
Its hard to think that the beach towel clip launched in June 2010 and is now available in over 30 countries around the world.
What started out as an idea sat on Talamanca beach in sunny Ibiza now appears on beaches all over the world stopping beach towels blow away!
The satisfaction you get when you are walking down a beach and you see somebody using your invention is pretty exciting as is the buzz of seeing your product in stores at airports around the globe.
So have you planned your summer holidays this year?
Why not post us a picture of your beach towel clips in action from a far flung beach somewhere?
We get lots of pictures posted on our social media from happy beach lovers so why not do the same.
Whilst we cannot offer fabulous prizes for the best photograph we will give you a virtual hug and a big smile.
Keep an eye on our social media platforms over the next few weeks as you may see some great birthday  offers!!
See you down the beach very soon.