Wednesday, 31 May 2017 10:14

Summer 2017

summer 2017 summer 2017

Summer blog 2017

I can only apologise that it’s been a while since we blogged about the beach towel clips!

This year is flying like and unclipped beach towel and whilst most of you that follow us on Facebook and Twitter will realise we have been crazy busy sorting out the usual routes to market and stockists for the summer.

People wondering how to stop their beach towel blowing away are still searching and finding for our 100% UK designed and manufactured beach accessory and whilst we haven’t been blogging for a whilst I can assure you I haven’t been sat on a beach towel doing nothing.

This year has seen the beach towel clip feature in several Buy British publications who are still flying the flag for manufacturers in this country.

Whilst Brexit seems to be confusing most of us the dropping £ has meant than more than ever the 100% British product is now a lot cheaper if you are buying from overseas (so at least some people are happy)

Over the next few days as we enter June it will of course be our 7th Birthday (gosh) so please keep an eye out for any special 7th Birthday offers.

See you down the beach very soon.