Wednesday, 31 May 2017 10:16

7th Birthday Celebrations

How do I stop my beach towel blowing away every time I go for a dip in the sea?

It’s a question I sat there pondering nearly 8 years ago before I invented the beach towel clip.

Little did I know as we approach our 7th birthday (on 1st June if you were wondering) that it was clearly a question that beach lovers all over the world would also be asking!

Since the launch of my 100% UK designed and manufactured beach towel clips demand has led to stockists and distributors all over the world from France to Canada via Brazil.

The beach towel clips as you know have featured in newspapers magazines and TV around the globe and you can read all about this on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you didn’t know, the clips are manufactured in Suffolk at a company called FMT who injection mould the clips using polypropylene and then ship them to our warehouse for assembly and packaging.

What colour are the beach towel clips? Well, we make them in either white, orange or aqua blue but some clients do ask for them in different colours when using them as promotional or B2B products (also with logos and stickers).

They are not available in the black and green on the boxes, that was just a way of showing how the product is hinged and operates!

As it’s our birthday we thought what better way to celebrate than operating for JUNE only a special offer of £7.00/set (well it is our 7th birthday after all)

So why not head off to our shop page and use coupon code WER7 to get your discount.

Many thanks for supporting us over the last 7 years, it does mean a lot.