Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:37

June in windy Ibiza

Just blown in from a very windy Talamanca beach in sunny Ibiza.

It’s days on the beach in Ibiza that I remember why I came up with the invention the beach towel clip.

As you looked around on the beach at people struggling to keep their beach towels in place I must admit I did have a smug grin on my face as my lovely flat towel lay in place.

The beach towel clip idea obviously came from days on this beach when the gentle breeze picks up perhaps a bit too much and you either end up covered in sand (cannot help with that one) or with your towel flying off towards the other end of the beach.

His summer we are due to feature in one of the Mallorcan magazines listed as a summer must have.

The clips have featured as you may see in numerous publications around the world and it’s always great to spread the word.

The link to the article will feature on this page very soon.

The photo below shows the secure but sandy towel at Talamanca beach last week.

I will save you from pictures of me in my speedos ?