Wednesday, 12 July 2017 18:43

Did You Buy A Pareo This Year?

Holding down a pareo on Talamanca Holding down a pareo on Talamanca

Hands up if you were sat on the beach in Ibiza recently and heard the men on the beach selling watches cd’s and dodgy handbags selling the latest ‘pareo’ beach sheets?

To be honest it was the fact that 7 years ago we sat on the beach wondering how to stop this beach towel blowing away (ok beach sheet) that prompted me to invent the beach towel clip.

The pareo beach sheets certainly seem to be all over Talamanca beach this year and whilst they certainly look the part there is that perpetual problem of how to stop your beach towel blowing away.

Luckily help is at hand as the beach towel clip simply fits through the tassels around the beach sheets and keep them nice and tidy!

Don’t forget to buy your beach towel clips before your next holiday!!

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