Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:13

Love Your Beach

February, the month of love, cards, flowers, chocolates & stuff. Perhaps it's not for everybody but we at the beach towel clip love the beach!
Yes its official, after a few months of winter and dark nights it’s time to start planning summer afternoons sat on a beach towel with waves lapping in the background and the sound of people struggling to keep their towels in the place whilst those in the know chill out with their beach towel clips in place! :¬)
With stockists all over the world and our own fabulous website shop (cough) chances are you’ll see beach lovers on your beach this summer using their must have beach essentials (tens of thousands of beach lovers cannot be wrong!)
So, as we sit here thinking about the summer and our love of all things beachy why not buy your loved one a set of clips for valentines day? Better than a box of chocolates and probably half the price too (they also won't melt or add a few pounds to that bikini ready body) 

Buy now and spread the beach towel clip love.

See you down the card isle.