Thursday, 21 March 2019 07:26


Many thanks for visiting The Beach Towel Clip website.

The home of our 100% UK designed and manufactured beach accessory that
simply stops your beach towel or picnic blanket blowing away.

A few years ago, whilst sat on the beach in Ibiza on a rather windy day I got fed up
having to sort out my towel every time I went for a dip in the sea but rather than put up with the 
problem I invented The Beach Towel Clip.

Manufactured in 3 colours and available now from our website shop for £9.99/set of 4 (plus postage)

We manufacture the clips in Suffolk then pack and distribute globally.

You can buy the clips from retailers all over the world but our own website shop delivers with a 
few simple clicks!

Available in either aqua blue, orange or white!

Thanks for visiting us and hopefully we can stop your towel blowing away this summer!

We are always looking for new stockists so please get in touch if you want to join 
the ever-growing list of global stockists!


Don't forget every time you buy a set of beach towel clips this inventor does a little dance and smiles! 

The Beach Towel Clip team.