Friday, 13 September 2019 05:58

Summer 2019

 "Hands up" if you were sat on the beach in Ibiza or Spain recently and heard the men on the beach selling watches cd’s and dodgy handbags selling the latest ‘pareo’ beach sheets?

You know the type, big 8'x8' sheets with fancy patterns on that have enough room for your whole family??

Good news is that they have room for all, bad news is they blow away!!

Or do they?

Yes once again beach fashions have meant that summer holiday lovers are flocking to the beach and realising that small investment of £9.99 was one of the bestter ideas to stop the fancy beach sheet heading off down the sand.

Simply pushing our 100% UK made beach towel clips into the sand does ensure your spot is safe and you can go for a dip!

As the UK enters it's final week ofsummer with a heatwave why not get beach ready and visit our shop page 

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