Wednesday, 26 May 2021 13:53

May 2021News Update

What is the best thing to use to stop your beach towel blowing away?

One of the many searches that leads people on ‘tinternet to our little website.

Whether it is somebody looking for a 100%Uk made beach accessory to stop their towel blowing away whilst supporting UK manufacturers. Or perhaps somebody at Xmas looking for that secret santa gift or stocking filler for the beach lovers in their life, the beach towel clip has been ticking all those boxes for the past 11 years!

This June we celebrate 11 years since the beach towel clip hit the TV screens, radio and beaches around the world.

Our 100% UK made beach accessory seems to be answering all those questions.

The clips are made using 100% recyclable polypropylene and come in little cardboard cartons rather than fancy single use plastic clam shell boxes, so if you don’t want to keep hold of your handy little cardboard carton then just chuck it in the correct recycling bin!

Lots of exciting news on the way so enjoy the bank holiday and see you soon!