Friday, 11 June 2021 07:59

JUNE! (we are 11 years young!)

Well, its 10 days to go (we hope) until the doors are flung open, masks are ripped off and we can hug all those people that we do not really enjoy hugging as Covid vanishes into thin air.

Then again it still looks like a fabulous summer of staycations and UK holidays for most of us.

Here at Beach Towel Clip towers, it looks like the annual holiday to Ibiza will be put on ice another pilgrimage to our beautiful UK beaches will be in order.

Are you planning a UK staycation this year?

We have already spent a week in Northumberland sitting on the beautiful Bamburgh beach (see my Instagram for more pictures!)

If you are heading to a UK beach this summer you will probably need a set of our fabulous 100% UK made beach towel clips, they simply stop your beach towel blowing away!

I must admit being able to pin our beach sheet in place did help on those blustery Northumbrian beaches, even when sheltered behind a windbreak!

Anyway, as you know the clips are available now from our shop page so support UK hospitality, UK manufacturers and UK inventors!

Take it easy & see you on the beach.