Friday, 04 March 2022 15:04

March 2022- Buy British month


Firstly, please note we have removed the worldwide stockists list from the website.

As you know pre covid and pre brexit, the clips were available from stockists in 30+ countries around the world.

Obviously this took an awful lot of time & hard work to establish all these retailers.

Sadly due to covid and brexit we lost an awful lot of stockists which makes us sad but also reminds us of all the hard work getting our 100% UK Made beach accessory around the globe.

Once we start to establish new stockists then we may start to list them on here, but until then, it's just a blank page!!

We are starting to list the clips on Ankorstore so European stockists can take  alook at that one!

As you know each year (this year 9.3.22) we celebrate buying products from UK manufacturers.

If you follow our social media channels you can learn more!