Thursday, 19 January 2023 12:56

January 2023, it's snowing outside

Here we go again, another year of uncertainty as The Beach Towel Clip, not knowing if people are going to be able to get away on their holidays due to the cost of living etc.

But worry not, The Beach Towel Clip is still £9.99/set, same as it has been since 2010 when we launched!

Whilst I am writing this it is snowing outside (January) so holiday plans are a long way off, but if you are lucky enough to be planning an escape to the sun then don’t forget to pack our 100% UK made beach accessory that simply stops your beach towel blowing away!

As you know this award winning British made beach accessory simply pushes into the sand at the 4 corners of your towel to stop it blowing away, they are not designed to be used on sun loungers (who can afford a sun lounger anyway!)

So, head over to our shop page now!

If you are a retailer who is interested in stocking the clips then please see our where to buy page where we have details on our Ankorstore page