Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

In the deep mid winter...

Hands up if you have had enough of the winter weather?

At beach towel clip towers we certainly have and with thoughts now of summer sun lay on a beach (with a certain beach accessory) with the sound of waves lapping on the sands it cannot come soon enough!!

Summer holidays are all over the newspapers and TV at the moment trying to get us to hand over our hard earned cash.

Just don’t forget if you are booking to get yourself your holiday essentials ordered too!

The beach towel clip is now available through selected retailers and websites so when you are looking for that new beach accessory be it a new beach towel or beach bag remember to get your beach towel clip too!

You may recall that last year we did a run of your favourite beach accessory in lime green, red, pink and yellow in limited numbers and following the success we have a very limited number left. These are available if you wish to drop an enquiry through the link.

The beach towel clip saw its January launch in OZ and feedback has been great.

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