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February already? Manchester Inventors Group

As January comes to an end I am preparing a presentation of everybody’s favourite beach accessory the beach towel clip for the Manchester Inventors Group.

As a member of the Manchester Inventors Group it’s very flattering that they have asked me to join them for a presentation about the development of the beach towel clip from sketches and prototypes to a beach accessory on beaches around the world.

The presentation will be featuring beach accessory sketches, prototypes and all the details of how the beach towel clip was developed from that original idea on Talamanca beach in Ibiza.

The slides detail how the original beach accessory idea of holes in the 4 corners of a towel became a clip on device which then became the beach towel clip that we have today.

I must admit the thought of standing up in front of a room full of inventors is a bit scary but a box full of samples and a slideshow will help!

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If you are a retailer looking to stock a fantastic beach accessory please drop us a line at the beach towel clip as we are always looking at routes to market.