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Questions and Answers

What is the beach towel clip made of?
The clip is 100% designed manufactured and distributed in the UK. It is a registered design which is injection moulded by Form mould and Tooling ltd from polypropylene; it’s a 2 part clip that snaps together at the factory and is supplied in a cardboard box.

    What size is the clip and how many are there in a pack?
    The clips come clipped together in a pack of 4 in a handy cardboard box and each measure approximately 130mm x 100mm when open (see photo below)

    sizing pics 001


    I have left a clip on the beach! Can I buy another?
    We appreciate that you may misplace a clip on your beach holidays and can arrange a replacement single clip for £3.00 if required, just CONTACT US and we will try to help!

    What are the colours of the clips?
    At present the clip is available in 3 colours as detailed on the BUY NOW web page but we hope to increase the range.

    It should be noted that the clips in the graphics on this website show the clips in green and black. The reason for showing the clips in two colours is to identify that the clip is made of two parts and hinged. We thought it would be easier to identify them as a two part product this way.

    Due to the process of injection moulding the clips are ONLY manufactured in 1 colour for both parts.

    How do I know what colour the contents of the box are?
    On the top of the box is a sticker, this shows the contents colour

    How do I use the beach towel clip?
    Take the clips out of the storage box, carefully separate and using the palm of your hand or sole of a bare foot push the clip into the sand catching the corner of the towel making sure that it is flush with surface so people don't stub their toes. Repeat this process for the other corners ensuring that the towel is flat.

    Are there any limitations to its use?
    The beach towel clips have been designed to be used on sandy beaches with your beach towel or groundsheet to help keep the 4 corners fixed down. The beach towel clip is not suitable on stone or shale beaches. You may be able to use the beach towel clip with picnic blankets on grass but it should be carefully tried out first and if you cannot push the beach towel clip in with your palm of your hand then stop as you may break it!. The beach towel clip is designed as a holiday and travel accessory to hold the towel flat but is not designed to stretch the fabric tight. Please also be aware that this product is not a toy and was never designed for any other purpose than holding down your beach towel or groundsheet.

    It should be noted that the Beach Towel Clip should be used with care and is not a toy it is not suitable for use by children under 16 years of age. 

    What price are the clips?
    The beach towel clips are sold on the website for £9.99 for a boxed set of 4 plus postage and packaging as detailed on the BUY NOW page.

    How do I buy the beach towel clips?
    Simple, the BUY NOW page of this website is an easy way to click and buy the beach towel clips, payment is simple using PayPal, and once processed your order will then be forwarded by first class post in a padded envelope by our distributors. We have tried to ensure that the package will fit through a letter box when you have one box in an envelope.

    Where do I send any returnable items or faulty goods?
    See out terms and conditions listed below.
    I am a retailer and would love to stock The beach towel clips, how do I get in touch?
    Go to the CONTACT US link and make an enquiry to our sales team, they will get back to you as soon as they can

    I am interested in bulk purchasing of the product as a promotional gift, is this possible?
    The beach towel clip has been designed to be used as a promotional gift and the top surface can be branded with company logos. Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.
    Are other products available in the range?
    We are looking at new products so keep an eye on our BLOG PAGE for up to date stories and news