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May 2011 Updates

Here comes the summer!

Well at least it’s getting closer, not too sure that Mother Nature feels the same.

The beach towel clip everybody’s favourite beach accessory is now being stocked by more and more beach gadget and travel accessory retailers every week.

The beach accessory websites are starting to pick up from where they left off last autumn and the beach towel clip is now available through the majority of beach accessory and travel accessory companies when simple searches are made online.

Of course you can still buy the beach towel clip through our own website and several blogs and travel websites have been keen to sign up to our beach towel clip affiliate programme (see website for details if you are interested)

With retailers from Canada to Australia and all points in-between stocking the beach towel clips our UK factory are producing more and more clips to meet the summer demand

If you are planning a beach holiday or staycation this summer make sure you visit the beach towel clip website first for your must have beach accessory

Enjoy the early summer sunshine and thanks for the support


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