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It’s July and we are on the radio and in the press (!)


Well we have been on SKY TV before and now The Beach Towel Clip the 100% UK made Beach Accessory has been on the radio!

Yesterday 11th Jul we were on BBC radio WM drive time show (many thanks Nikki at ) in an article all about beach gadgets and beach accessories (listen here on but fast forward to 0:50:36 )

The Beach Towel Clip is also featuring in numerous blogs and tweets at the moment with summer holiday’s just around the corner.

The weather doesn’t seem to be getting any better so staycations may not be the holiday of choice this year.

The Beach accessory has also been selected by several Glamping websites who see the beach accessory being a great item for those glamping holidays and picnics on the beach this summer.

The Beach Towel Clip has also featured as a joy of 6 top beach accessory by Windsurf magazine (thanks x) as shown in the press cutting.

So a busy July so far, get those clips ordered and enjoy the beach!


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