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August updates

After surviving a windy week at Boardmasters Newquay, fighting through the drizzle and odd burst of sunshine (well it was August!) the beach towel clip managed to draw the crowds to our little beach accessory stand amongst all the big boys.

The beach towel clips were selling like hot cakes (although perhaps hot drinks may have been a better idea?) with beach accessory retailers and shops calling in for a chat, collecting flyers and seeing the clips in action.

The beach was still super busy and when the sun finally poked its head out from behind the clouds the rush to the Newquay Fistral beach was via our tent!

The beach towel clip is now stocked by retailers around the world and with the UK summer coming to an end (?) we are starting to look for southern hemisphere stockists again.

Following the launch of our beach accessory in Oz last January and subsequent press coverage of the beach towel clips we are hoping the buzz caused last year can be picked up on again and some more stockists can be put in place.

We are always looking for new stockists and websites who would like to sign up to our affiliate program so if you are interested then please get in touch.

If you are a beach accessory shop or beach accessory retailer please get in touch and likewise we are always interested in speaking to agents who may want to get involved.

The beach towel clip has been on numerous beach accessory websites and in flight publications this summer so keep an eye out for us (and follow us on twitter or facebook)

Thanks for the support and see you down the beach!


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