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16 months on and still going strong

Mid way through September and its about time we did a ‘story so far’ piece on the blog pages.

So here we go..

We all know how the idea arrived whilst sat on a beach in Ibiza wondering how to stop the beach towel from blowing away and wondering how to peg the towel in place.

That was the easy bit and the following months of designs prototypes and sleepless nights with the assistance of Lucid Group in Manchester finally ended up with the beach towel clip as we know it in June 2010.

The beach towel clip website went live in June 2010 and soon featured in the Sunday Times and the Sun newspapers featured as a must have travel beach gadget.

The travel channel on SKYtv then featured our little peg as a must have for the beach which resulted in the beach towel clip being used as prizes on the holiday show on SKYtv.

The summer of 2010 was a bit of a blur with the clips featuring in numerous magazines newspapers and inflight publications as a must have beach gadget commenting on how we had ever managed to live without it.

As the summer came to an end UKti took the project on and we started to look at exporting the clips. We then launched in Australia in December 2010 and featured in the press ‘downunder’

With more and more stockists taking on the beach towel clips and sales running through our own website we started to pick up overseas retailers (see web page for details) and now have stockists in Canada, Australia, Holland, Hungary to name a few.

The beach towel clips once again featured in the press this summer and featured on both BBC and Talk radio Europe listed as beach travel gadgets of the week.

So as the UK summer come to an end we have once again started to look at the overseas market so if you are a retailer interested in stocking the beach towel clip and see the benefits of pegging that beach towel in place without it blowing away then please get in touch.

16 months in a few paragraphs! Didn’t that go quickly.


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