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On a grey february afternoon

Roll on summer!

As February doesn’t seem to be improving with every day looking grey and gloomy all thoughts are now towards those beach holidays and time to spend some relaxing hours lay on a beach towel somewhere hot.

The beach towel clip is now starting to receive great coverage in Australia following its beach accessory press release.

The beach towel clip press release was also issued over in Cyprus so hopefully the same sort of beach accessory interest will follow.

Our social network is growing and the beach towel clip news and beach accessory stories are being updated with the rest of the world on which really is getting read by the 4 corners of the globe.

If you are looking at planning a spring break somewhere hot and sandy (lucky you) or live somewhere that is constantly hot and sunny (even luckier you!!) don’t forget to get some beach towel clips and chuck them in your beach bag or picnic bag for your stop off at the beach.

We are still searching for retailers and distributors so if you know of any beach accessory companies get them to give the beach towel clip team a shout.

Hopefully the next news update will be from a sunny desk rather than needing the ‘big light’ on at lunch time!

Enjoy the beach if you can and don’t forget your suncream (and beach towel clips)