Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Summer?? You having a laugh!

July at last

Well it seems like its been raining for 40 days and 40 nights now and the staycations for 2012 will definitely not be going ahead as promised!

The beach towel clip stockists around (sunny) Europe seem to be getting busy but lets be honest the UK beach and travel accessory shops and stockists for beach and travel products in the UK will only be busy if its lucky people heading off overseas.

The UK summer is getting worse and whilst those lucky enough to be heading off overseas for some sunshine will be lucky enough to be using their beach towel clips on beaches around Europe.

The beach towel clip has been featuring once again in the UK and overseas press, detailing our 100%UK made beach accessory as a ‘must have beach essential’.

We have some fantastic branded beach towel clips heading off to some of our stockists who have ordered branded beach towel clips for promotional B2B purposes.

The beach towel clips can be branded for promotional B2B merchandising purposes using a 60x20mm transparent full colour printed sticker on the top surface (get in touch for details) and used as a exciting marketing promotional tool.

The UK weather may have put a dampener on the proceedings recently but overseas they can’t get enough of us!

Looking forward to the weather getting warmer (a breeze will do) and the sun coming out at last! :¬)

ROLL ON SUMMER (should we really be saying that in JULY???) :¬(