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May 2011 News Update..

Sunny sunny May!

As the beach towel clip gets closer to its first birthday (where did the time go to?) everything is starting to speed up with retailers and stockists in the UK and overseas taking on the summers must have beach gadget.

We now have stockists at both ends of the planet (well nearly) and have more beach accessory and travel accessory retailers distributors and travel retailers getting in touch requesting samples.

The beach towel clip is once again ‘in flight’ and you may read about it in one of your airline magazines on the way to your beach holiday (keep an eye out)

As the weather warms up and all thoughts are on booking that overseas beach holiday or staycation don’t forget to order your beach towel clips either online or instore and keep them in your suitcase (along with your 5/6 adapter plugs you buy every holiday)

Thanks again for all the support and interest and many thanks (and a big hello) to all our new followers on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook

See you down the beach!


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