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In the news again Telegraph Magazine

The beach towel clip is in the press again.

The summers must have beach accessory travel accessory is once again in the news with a great little piece in The Telegraph magazine in the UK.

The beach towel clips are certainly getting around this summer with coverage on the TV radio newspapers magazines and blogs highlighting how people wonder how they ever survived without the ingenious 100%UK made polypropylene beach towel clips.

Beach clips, beach towel clips, clips that hold your towel in place, blanket towel clips,  towel clips, clips for the sand. Call them what you like it appears the press and the public cannot get enough of our 100%UK made beach travel accessory at the moment!

With the sun poking its head out and people finally getting to hit the beach it looks like business is on the up!

Take a read for yourselves.

See you down the beach this summer!