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July already?

The weather is certainly hotting up as is the interest for everybody’s favourite beach accessory ‘the beach towel clip’ with new retailers and stockists in the UK and overseas.

We now have stockists and distributors in several regions of Europe and around the world.

Not bad going for a crazy idea I had on the beach!

Recent articles in the press advised that UK beach towel sizes are on the increase (to get more space and compete with our foreign friends) so its essential that a set of beach towel clips are thrown into your beach bag to make sure your enormous beach towel doesn’t blow away.

The beach towel clip is available online and in stores so get in touch for stockist details for UK and overseas.

The beach towel clip is currently is a number of in flight publications so keep an eye out for us whilst your are flicking through the magazines on your way to your summer beach holiday!

Of course if you are a beach accessory retailer or distributor in the UK or overseas and thing that the beach towel clip would sit alongside your current beach gear and beach accessory ranges then please get in touch via the enquiry page.

Enjoy the sun and see you down the beach!


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