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What Indian summer??

The beach towel clip is even tractor proof! The beach towel clip is even tractor proof!

So much for the Indian Summer!

After what can only be described as the wettest windy summer known to man (slight exaggeration but you get my gist) all concentration is being made on the southern hemisphere for the beach towel clip.

We are actively looking for beach accessory stockists and beach gadget retailers in southern (sunnier) climates to make the beach towel clip year a 12 month sales period.

The beach towel clip has had a fantastic summer in the UK even if the weather has been rubbish. Windy with sunshine is just what we want, windy with drizzle isn’t.

We are now being stocked by about 40 UK beach accessory shops and beach accessory retailers and starting to get picked up by overseas retailers too.

With a new page added to the beach towel clip website we are now able to add all new beach towel clip stockists and retailers specific to each region so there is no excuse not to have your favourite beach travel accessory packed in the case for the next holiday.

We have also been busy putting together prototypes with branding for travel insurance and holiday firms so if you are looking for B2B marketing products then please get in touch.

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